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  • Looking to sell food or produce at Fleamasters? Fleamasters welcomes vendors selling locally grown produce, plants and herbs, or packaged foods. Click HERE for a list of our rules and regulations. All food vendors must be approved by the Market General Manager. Call us with any questions at 239-334-7001

  • Check out our FREE online guide with information and resources on selling at a flea market. Click below to be taken to the online resource guide.


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How do you bring over a million people to your store? How about bringing your store to Fleamasters!



Many store sizes available, plus room to expand. A three-day workweek (Fri, Sat & Sun) frees up your valuable personal time.



No contracts or long-term leases are needed to sell at Fleamasters. Rent for as little as one day, or stay for many years.



It's surprisingly affordable to start a business at Fleamasters. Rent a 12 x 10-ft space for about $75 for the 3-day weekend.

“It is a great place to start your own business and excellent service from the employees.”


Ache Elegua Botanica | Space #7&9 Orange

“Great place to make extra money. Management team works with you to make business successful.”

Dan’s Treasure House | Space #B Row 22

“Great atmosphere to sell in. Great customers and vendors.”

Rug Runner & Hat Shop | Space #A-18



Rules & Regulations

Know the rules before you start selling at the market. Click here for Fleamasters Flea Market Rules & Regulations.

What types of licenses are needed to sell at Fleamasters?

Individuals or businesses must register with the Florida Dept. of Revenue ( for a sales tax number, and may have to register with other State or Federal agencies depending on the types of items you sell. Fleamasters carries a blanket occupational license (also called “Local Business Tax Receipt”). If you sell at Fleamasters, you do not need to purchase local occupational licenses from either Lee County or the City of Ft. Myers. (Pawnbrokers and certain other types of businesses require purchase of additional licenses.)

How many customers shop at Fleamasters? How much advertising does the market do?

Fleamasters has a full time marketing team to help build traffic at the market. We host about 1.4 million shoppers annually (as documented by our underground traffic counters). The highest customer counts are during tourist season, in January, February and March. Even during the slowest, off season time, as many as 15,000 people will shop here over a three day weekend. Fleamasters advertises year round in broadcast, web and print media and on tourist maps. Our brochures are distributed at hotels and attractions. We offer many good options for you to advertise your store in our publications, during our events, or on our big electronic signs.

If I just want to rent for a day, when can I come in to pay for a booth?

It depends on which day! If you want to sell on a Saturday or Sunday only, you may rent your space after 12 noon the day before, or simply come in the morning you wish to sell. If you plan to sell on Friday, or for the full three-day weekend, you may reserve and pay for your spot on the Wednesday or Thursday during the week of your sale.

What sizes are the booths and aisle tables?

In the main market, standard booths are 12 x 10-ft., and come with two 8 x 2-ft. tables. Aisle tables spaces are 12 x 3-ft., and come with one 8 x 3-ft. table. Space sizes vary in the Grand Pavilion/Music Hall, please see the rate sheet for exact sizes. Aisle tables in the Grand Pavilion are 8 x 4-ft. To comply with market rules, safety and fire regulations, you must keep your merchandise within the confines of your rented space.

Can I park in my space?

You may park one car behind most standard spaces. However, corner spaces do not have parking, and parking may be limited behind some built-out stores. Before you choose your spot, ask if parking is available. In many cases, parking may be arranged with a nearby vendor.

Is there wireless Internet? What is the cost?

You may subscribe to log-in to Fleamasters wireless internet service. Currently, subscriptions are available for $12/ month, or $85/year. Daily rates are also available; get details at the Customer Service Office.

What if I need to use electricity?

Dealers may use the electric circuits in the market for demonstration purposes only at no additional cost. Demonstration means the occasional, non-continuous plugging in of a device to show a customer that it works. If you require more electricity, you may submit an “Electric Use Declaration.” Fleamasters will bill you in advance for the cost of this additional energy use. If you expect to use more than 5 amps of continuous service, you may rent one of Fleamasters’ sub-metered spaces, or request to have your space re-wired and sub-metered.

What if I want to sell food at the market?

Food is sold exclusively by the independently-owned snack bars in the market. No other food or beverage may be sold for consumption on the premises without written authorization. Bulk processed or packaged food (hard candy, nuts, spices, granola, jellies, sauces, etc.) is permitted in the market. Packaged food sales are regulated by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services or the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. You may need to provide a copy of a food permit issued by one of these agencies before selling food in the market. Please ask us for more information.

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