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Open in 1986, Fleamasters Flea Market is a long-time favorite shopping destination for visitors and local residents. With over 400,000 square feet of shopping and visitors from around the globe.

Everything from fresh produce to hundreds of bargain-packed booths that specialize in unique items - an eclectic mix of new and old - arts and crafts, antiques and collectibles. Kitchen products, clothing and shoes, luggage, jewelry and watches, 20 snack bars serving yummy treats.

Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday year round.


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Flea Markets

Fleamasters Flea Market is a proud member of United Flea Markets.

United Flea Markets was born out of a passion for the enduring, contemporary flea market business that always adds fun, affordability and local flavor to its communities. United Flea Markets understands that experience and diversity represent an important component of a market's value. We are on a mission to listen, relate and evolve to build on the past success of those who have come before us.

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